If you are here, it may be that you, or someone you care about, needs some support.
Although you might feel anxious about contacting a psychotherapist or coach, many people say that they are very glad they did.

A psychotherapist is not scary, will not judge you, nor sit in silence, or think your problems are insignificant! The work we do is about giving you exactly the right support you need at this time in your life.

You will be made to feel welcome and respected. You will discover that your psychotherapist or coach does this work because she or he genuinely enjoys it and has a talent for it. The therapist or coach will be warm and have a genuine interest in getting to know you. She or he will take you seriously, and respond sensitively.

Starting psychotherapy is a gentle and gradual process, and an introductory session allows you to experience what it might be like. Step by step, trust is built and you get your feet under the table.

The power of psychotherapy lies in the presence that deep listening offers. Being listened to, being understood, being seen for who you really are, and receiving accurate and kind feedback is balm for the soul.

On the other hand, coaching is a more direct and hands on approach, and you get to identify and resolve problems and move ahead in your life with incredible support.

Online sessions are available if you are unable to travel or leave home. These sessions are conducted in exactly the same way, only I will send you a link before the session. You can use your computer, phone or tablet, and although it can take a little while to get used to it, it can work really well.

If you are already attending psychotherapy or coaching with me, you can request this option.

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