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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a way to investigate and resolve issues that are bugging or limiting you, holding you back or making you feel unhappy. It is offered in the form of a contained relationship, where you meet regularly once a week. This can take place online via a secure video link, or face to face. Within this regular session space there is plenty of opportunity to discuss your situation, and for your feelings and thoughts to come together. I listen carefully, and also offer feedback, suggestions, support, encouragement and challenges. You will leave each session with things to reflect upon and put into practice. You will be encouraged to keep your own therapy journal.

For this relationship to work, you must feel accepted, valued and understood, and trust that we can work together in your best interests. It can take a while to build this trust, and it is important that you share all the things that are on your mind.

One-to-one psychotherapy is not so much a “treatment”, which implies someone doing something to or for you, but a therapeutic relationship that acts as a catalyst for growth and change. The relationship will have personal significance for you, depending on your current situation, your life story and your attachment history.

Online or face to face sessions?

You can arrange sessions wherever you are in the world, and I will accommodate your time zone. I send you a private meeting link by email, and this works on any device though a laptop is more comfortable. Online sessions work well, though it can take a while for you to get used to this type of interaction. You need to take care that you have a quiet, uninterrupted space and you feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

In-person sessions

Psychotherapy Consulting room in Plymouth, Devon

These are held in Plymouth, Devon in a comfortable private consulting room. This is a convenient location, not far from the city centre and easy to reach. You do not need to go into the city and it is easy to find with free parking nearby.

If you are attending longterm online sessions, an occasional face to face session, if possible, can help you feel more connected and grounded.

Fees for Individual Psychotherapy

All sessions are paid in advance before the session, or in person if you are attending face to face. You can pay for the calendar month in advance, or session by session.

Sessions are £70 for 60 minutes, payable by bank transfer. Paypal and credit card options here (Please contact me first before making any payment)

All fees are in GB £

Please note that you must pay for all sessions that you have booked, even if you do not attend.

Terms and Conditions for Psychotherapy

The psychotherapeutic relationship has unique boundaries, and this makes it different to any other type of treatment you may have experienced.. We are not able to have a social relationship, and everything that you discuss is strictly confidential, There are very few limits to this confidentiality, and we can discuss confidentiality as it affects you. Please check with me if you have any concerns about this vitally important topic.

If you miss a session that you have booked, for any reason, the full fee is due, as I have set this time aside for you.  If this was accidental, I will offer you a replacement session as soon as possible.

If you need to cancel and/or  re-arrange a session, I  require five days notice or the full fee is due.

If you wish to take planned breaks, please inform me well in advance so we can build this in to our joint schedule and you do not need to pay.

When you want to end therapy, it is important we discuss this together so we can co-create an appropriate ending that is respectful of your significant work and the depth of the therapy. Many people find endings difficult  – both in therapy and in life – and it can be enlightening to discuss ending as a facet of our work together.

Strong feelings may come up, and this is normal and not a reason for concern. However it is important that you share and discuss them, and you do not struggle with them on your own.

Therapy takes place within the sessions, and there is not normally any additional communication outside sessions, in order to preserve the special therapeutic boundary. Communication between sessions is only for administration, unless we have established a specific arrangement. Please use my private email address to discuss session times etc.


How to get the most out of your sessions

If you would like the best value from your sessions, it really helps to do your “homework” between sessions, and apply what you have learned in therapy in your own real life situations. I recommend that you keep a therapy journal, and I have created a guided format for this, or just use a blank notebook.

I designed this unique journal format based on my experience of supporting clients to move through their therapy more easily. I have found that clients who follow this detailed, structured approach to journalling around their sessions move through their therapy faster, and are able to make changes with less struggle.

This type of journalling helps you clarify your own mind and help you engage with the therapeutic process more easily as it helps you be “on the same page” as your therapist. You can use it while you are attending psychotherapy, counselling or coaching with any practitioner.

You can also read more about journalling alongside your therapy in these blogposts

Online & In-Person Support

I offer both Online and In-Person sessions, you can receive the help you need from anywhere in the world.