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Alyss Thomas MSc

Alyss Thomas - Experienced Senior Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy has special tools and techniques that help you resolve long-standing issues. I would love to share with you the benefits and expertise of my years in practice. Psychotherapy is about constructive, positive change and it can help you adapt and respond in new ways to the challenges of our time.

As an experienced psychotherapist, I respond to you as an individual and not according to a fixed method, so we can begin with a personal discussion about how we might be able to work together.

I believe we are creative, adaptable, fun-loving, social, loving and freedom-seeking beings, and our birthright is wellbeing and happiness – but many people have been confused, traumatised, conditioned, restricted and shut down. In these times of change, I think it is vital that we find our resilience and confidence, self belief, strength and resourcefulness. We need to think clearly and independently to make life flow.

Sometimes someone outside yourself can help you see yourself, so you can change your everyday negative thinking patterns that you accept as normal. When you can understand your old ways more clearly, then you can make new, more constructive choices. Depth psychotherapy can take you to new ways of understanding and aligning with yourself that you may never have experienced before, and from here you can discover your individual route to happiness and wellbeing.

From my experience of training psychotherapists on psychotherapy MA programmes, I have learned to formulate and clarify what I feel is the best of modern psychotherapeutic practice. It can be hard to know what approach or practitioner to choose, so choose someone you feel drawn to. All my work includes an emphasis on mindfulness, which is simply about learning how to be present and focused on what really matters to you. I bring a warm, accepting, compassionate and kind attitude, because I really see the difference this makes.

My personal, passionate interests include writing and painting, and alongside psychotherapy, I mentor writers and artists, and I teach journal writing, art and creative writing. I have developed a unique approach to journal writing to help you get the most out of psychotherapy.

Some of my special interests

  • Coaching writers and creatives

  • Therapeutic coaching
  • Depth psychotherapy
  • Using journal writing to get the best value from your therapy

  • Personal growth, spiritual development and transformation

  • Overcoming the challenges of loss, change and grief

  • Meeting anxiety, depression and stuckness

  • Recovering from low self esteem and confidence

My Associations

UKCP - Uk Council for Psychotherapy
ACPP - Association of Core Psychotherapists
The Karuna Institute - Core Process Psychotherapy

Online & In-Person Support

I now offer both Online and In-Person sessions, you can receive the help you need from anywhere in the world.

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Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

Individual Psychotherapy

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Online Therapeutic & Professional Coaching

Therapeutic & Professional Coaching

I also offer a more Therapeutic and Holistic approach to helping you through issues and can also target professional life.

Couples Psychotherapy Sessions Online & Plymouth UK

Couples Therapy

Rescue your relationship with Psychotherapy, discover how you can get started working with me.