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One to one coaching is good value and a fast way to make changes in your life. My coaching sessions are specifically tailored to your needs rather than following a fixed programme, but is often offered in blocks of six or twelve weekly sessions. Six weeks is an optimal time for focusing on making a specific change and embedding it into your life. Whatever you want to change or improve, we can work through it together.

Six weeks of consistency, with the support and guidance of a coach can change your life permanently.

Coaching is different to counselling, as I offer active input, suggestions, feedback and guidance. It is different from psychotherapy in that there is less emphasis on the nuances of the relational field, the transference, and learning to understand your patterning.

Coaching is ideal when you have already undertaken substantial therapy and you know yourself well, and there are some specific areas or blocks where you know you need help.

Choose coaching when you are ready to make changes, or to focus on a specific project you want to achieve or realise. The general aim of all coaching is to support and encourage you to achieve resilience, stability and a positive attitude. It also includes:

Support to help you be consistent in working towards your desired goals and outcomes

  • Helping you establish firm foundations based on confidence, self belief and self efficacy

  • Feedback, challenge and engagement with you and your life

  • You are encouraged to take notes and to use journalling between sessions as a way to keep track, follow through, and be an equal participant in directing where we go together.
Another person’s balanced perspective can help you see old problems in a completely new light.

How to book

First we need to arrange a short initial by phone or email. Please use the contact form or text 07825284160.

You can then decide if you would like to work with me.

Is Coaching best face to face or online?

Coaching is frequently offered online, and you enjoy the benefits of this experience wherever you are in the world. If you live in Devon or Cornwall, you are welcome to attend in person as and when this is appropriate.

Therapeutic coaching

Therapeutic coaching supports you to take consistent steps towards your goals. The difference between therapeutic coaching and regular “life coaching” is that therapeutic coaching is based upon a depth understanding of what really creates positive change and momentum.

I am trained and experienced in working with the deeper and sometimes more hidden psychological aspects of your mind – your personality, your beliefs, the influence of your upbringing and education. I can also hold the focus of your bigger potential in this lifetime.

Think of it as being a blend of psychotherapy and coaching. We keep our focus on your true goals and intentions, with many resources to address any blocks and limitations that show up along the way.

It is fundamental that any mis-alignments or sense of lack or failure in our lives reflect conflicting and negative values, beliefs and assumptions, some of which are unconscious and some semi-conscious. Thus any therapeutic coaching or therapy that is helping you to make permanent positive change will take you through a process of increasing your self-awareness so you understand what you have been inadvertently mis-creating in your life so that you are freed up to choose to create what you really want. For many people the thought of examining your basic beliefs is scary and does not appeal. You will know if and when you feel ready for this – when certain situations in your life have repeatedly failed or you know you are not meeting your potential, and you are ready to learn a new way.

Therapeutic coaching thus has similarities to psychotherapy, but there is more emphasis on making your life work now, practical assignments, and achieving specific outcomes of your choosing. It is for people who have already worked in psychotherapy or counselling of a year or more.

Professional Coaching and Mentoring

Whether you are running a business, working in higher education or healthcare, you are a senior psychotherapist or supervisor, you are designing and running courses or information for your students and clients – we all need a mentor but it can be hard to find someone at your level who understands your work and your situation, and who is external.

Situations when you may benefit from professional mentoring

  • Role changes, impending retirement, redundancy or ill health

  • A challenge or crisis at work where you need support and understanding

  • Changing direction, such as moving jobs, going freelance or setting up your own consultancy

  • Understanding how your personal and professional issues intersect and how to work with this effectively

  • When you are underpowered and you need to build in some new strategies, skills, discipline or consistency

  • When a period of consistent support, reflection and feedback will give you new ideas, inspiration and uplift

Spiritual and Creative Coaching

Spiritual and Creative Coaching

Someone who is able to support your growth and development and work in your best interests can be invaluable, though such a person can be hard to find. We all need someone to believe in us, affirm us, and help us see ourselves more clearly. There may not be people around you who understand how it is and can validate your experience, or help you in your spiritual evolution. It can make all the difference to be able to share what you really feel and think, and to be recognised and understood when you may be standing alone in your life.

I support you to find joy, fulfilment, creative expression and expansion, and also offer you challenge with warmth and kindness. It’s important to know when you are on track and when you need extra support and guidance to find your way through the pitfalls of the ego or subconscious mind.

When you become educated in managing and training your own mind, and you overcome some of your outdated conditioning, values, assumptions and beliefs, it takes you to a new level of waking up to who you really are as a free, creative and unique being. You understand how you are creating your own reality around you and life flows more easily!

Coaching FAQ

All coaching sessions are £65.00 (60 minutes); you can book an individual session or a block of six. If you wish to pay via PayPal or card please click here.

The fee is due for all sessions that are booked, whether or not you attend. I require five days’ notice to change an appointment, whatever the reason.

Everything discussed in your sessions is fully confidential.

I do not generally engage in discussion of your work,  such as emails, outside session times, unless we decide that this is an important feature of the work, and we can adjust fees accordingly. All email communications are encrypted.

Coaching is frequently offered online, and you enjoy the benefits of this experience wherever you are in the world. If you live in Devon or Cornwall, you are welcome to attend in person as and when this is appropriate.


How to get the most out of your sessions

If you would like the best value from your sessions, it really helps to do your “homework” between sessions, and apply what you have learned in therapy in your own real life situations. I recommend that you keep a therapy journal, and I have created a guided format for this, or just use a blank notebook.

I designed this unique journal format based on my experience of supporting clients to move through their therapy more easily. I have found that clients who follow this detailed, structured approach to journalling around their sessions move through their therapy faster, and are able to make changes with less struggle.

This type of journalling helps you clarify your own mind and help you engage with the therapeutic process more easily as it helps you be “on the same page” as your therapist. You can use it while you are attending psychotherapy, counselling or coaching with any practitioner.

You can also read more about journalling alongside your therapy in these blogposts