Resources to support your Psychotherapy

Books & PDF’s by Alyss Thomas MSc

Books & Journals can be a powerful resource to help support your Psychotherapy sessions and assist you in everyday life. Please find my selection that is available to purchase through the website.

Sessions Journal - Psychotherapy help

Sessions Journal – E-Book

This Sessions Journal is specifically designed for adults attending one to one psychotherapy or counselling, to use alongside your therapy. It is for people who are already in therapy, or who are intending to start therapy soon. For less than the cost of one therapy session, you can support and enrich your therapy, in your own time. It is a pdf that you can print and write in, or save and use on a computer. There is also a free bonus questionnaire and a free additional journalling process to use when you are working with difficult and persistent thoughts and feelings.

The Journal Writer's Companion by Alyss Thomas Book

The Journal Writer’s Companion

Numerous studies show that journal writing is a fantastic resource that can significantly impact your life, but few people know how to go about it effectively in order to gain lasting positive results. The Journal Writer’s Companion aims to change this. Designed to be a clear, practical guide to using journal writing to help you succeed in any area of life and work, it is also a comprehensive reference source to all of the different types of journaling techniques, from gratitude journals to bullet journals, legacy journals to art journals.

An experienced psychotherapist and writing coach, Alyss Thomas explains how these various approaches to journaling can be adapted and combined in innovative ways to create a unique, personalized method that works for your life and your goals. You do not need to use any other journaling books or use any pre-printed journals. Instead, you can use any blank notebook, or set up your journal on a computer or online, using the guidance contained here on how to structure it to specifically meet your needs. The result is the only guide you’ll ever need to achieve personal and professional success the journaling way!

1000 Questions Book by Alyss Thomas

The 1000 most important questions you will ever ask yourself – That make life work for you

A self help book that’s easy and friendly to use, with extensive questionnaire and quiz sections for you to fill in. The text is firmly based in my experience of working with clients and the issues where there are the most benefits to be gained from clear thinking. It really helps with issues such as planning, learning to relax, and becoming more aware of your communication style. I designed the book to give you a workout in all the important areas which can really make a difference to your life. You can use it alone, with a friend, or alongside counselling or psychotherapy. This book gives you all the fundamental principles of self help so that you can apply them in any situation.

Find your way through midlife - Psychotherapy e-book

Find Your Way through Midlife – E-Book

This book can be your companion through all of your journeys into the heartland of your midlife. It’s a workout for your sense of empowerment.

Use the parts that are most relevant and helpful to you. Also pay extra attention to the sections you would prefer to avoid. Take your time with each exercise, as the quality of your attention to each aspect is the most important thing, rather than getting it all done.

Working through the materials and exercises may evoke feelings and raise questions for you. You will need to decide whether you can work through this with the support of a good friend, or whether you would benefit from professional coaching or therapeutic coaching to move you along more swiftly– or therapy of there are issues from your past that still trip you up that you have not yet attended to. This book is introductory and does not cover everything about you in depth, but it is a catalyst. if you give it sufficient time and focus you can gain a great deal from it, and the more you put into it,the more it will be a journey that changes you.