Writing Coaching

Is there a book within you, waiting for the opportunity to be written? I am an experienced writing coach and can help you write your book, ebook or articles, your website, blogposts, essays or your Masters dissertation/thesis. Writing is difficult, and most writers rely on an editor or coach to ensure their work reads well. Text that makes your message easy to read takes work and experience to create, and it often does not come easily.

I can help you envision, plan and write a book that will convey your message clearly and directly. This type of coaching is individually tailored for you, and you do not need to buy a program or course to enable you to get your book out into the world.

You can have as much or as little support, guidance and direction that you personally need at different stages in the writing process. I can help you with blocks to writing, for example if you find yourself unable to write, or if there is an issue such as dyslexia which makes it difficult for you to write the meaning that is in your mind, or to bridge the gap between your mind and your readers.

Please enquire about the type of writing support you need.

Enquire about the type of
writing support you need

    How Writing Coaching works

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    This work is usually conducted by email, where you send me your work and I send you guidance feedback or editing. There is also the option to have face to face or online consultations.

    Fees for Writing Coaching

    £50 per hour, with blocks paid in advance, a minimum of four hours, which includes reading your material, editing, copy editing, giving you written feedback and guidance, or helping you create a new project from scratch.

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