Starts Monday 4th February, Plymouth

Build a new world for yourself this year – awesome positive change all starts in your mind  and is revealed in your journal pages when you have a direct, meaningful journal writing method and process.

Guided, constructive journalling is a powerful aid to self realisation, as you get to choose every single day what is most important to you, and become more aligned with your inner guidance system.

Journalling offers one of the best and yet simplest methods for getting clear about what you want, and then achieving it.  A  solid and consistent journalling process can enable you to accomplish your goals and desires, and progress in any area of life you choose to focus on. All it takes is your focus, a regular time commitment, and the best modern journalling methods and processes.

Journalling can be the centre of your practice, whether this is improving your business, manifesting the relationship or career you desire, keeping yourself organised, accessing your creativity or deepening your spiritual practice. You can apply journalling to anything once you have mastered some modern journalling approaches.

These group workshops will support you to:

Become more loving, creative, happy and flowing!

Tackle those old fears that hold you back, whether this is a fear of success, fear of failure, fear of intimacy, fear that you can’t write…

Discover how to use journalling as a simple yet highly effective tool – and apply it to anything you choose

Become more consistent in your thinking, and power through your obstacles and setbacks

You will be offered innovative journal prompts, support, and guidance with every aspect of making journalling work for you.

You will not be asked to share any of your private journalling, but you’ll have the opportunity for individual questions and guidance for the types of journalling you want to engage in.  However the workshops are friendly and enjoyable and you can share and inspire one another. The workshops are suitable for experienced journallers as well as those who are complete beginners, or for those of you  have had made a few false starts in journal writing  because you couldn’t find methods or approaches that work for you.  By request you can also experience some messy and superfun hands-on art journalling sessions.

The workshops are held on Monday evenings in Plymouth 7-p.m., with occasional weekend sessions on specific topics.

Cost is £15 per session, which includes a drink and discounted prices on journalling books and materials. If you book four sessions in advance, you can attend the 5th for free. Sessions are held fortnightly to give you time to complete the optional homework assignments. The intention is to provide an ongoing opportunity to deepen your practice and achieve outstanding results in the areas you focus on. Work discussed in the group is strictly confidential. The workshops are low cost  to reflect the fact that journalling is a free resource available to everyone – and they are empowering, challenging and fun.

Workshops are facilitated by Alyss Thomas who is an experienced group facilitator, writer, psychotherapist and life-long journal writer. She is the author of The 1000 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself, The Journal Writer’s Companion and Journal For Success (September 2019).

Please email or text 07825284160 to arrange an initial chat about the workshops to see if they will right for you. If you are unable to attend the workshops in person, you can arrange distance coaching to set you up on your journalling path or deepen your practice, fees start at £50.00

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    Joy Sackett Wood

    Posted January 16, 2019 1:14 pm

    Hi Alyss
    Wish I was in Plymouth to join your Monday Journal sessions. Living in Bournemouth can become frustrating when such great things happening WWMB.
    Hope you enjoyed today’s meeting at Boringdon.
    Kindest wishes
    Joy Sackett Wood

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