Writing coaching

Release the Writer Within

Is writing difficult or challenging?
Do you have to produce reports, letters, essays, a  MA dissertation, articles, book chapters? Does the writing process make you feel frustrated or inadequate?
Is it preventing you from moving ahead? Would you benefit from 1:1 coaching to help you achieve your potential?
Is your writing holding you back, or do you hold back in your writing?
Do you need help with structure?
Have you had painful experiences, perhaps at school, which have affected your ability to express yourself in written words? Or is dyslexia holding you back?

A writing coach  can help you to  find your own writing voice, tone and style; follow a structure that helps you write clearly and succinctly; and express yourself in the right words.

You can receive help with the underlying emotional issues that make writing stressful.  You can find better access to your creativity and flow, and develop your own creative style.

I can also read and respond to your drafts.  Sometimes difficulties in writing are linked with various forms of dyslexia, difficult experiences in education, and personality factors such as a fear of getting it wrong.   I can also help where you have to write to a high standard professionally when English is not your mother tongue.

In addition to my 25+ years as a psychotherapist, I have also worked as a publisher’s editor and as a university lecturer. I have taught on counselling and psychotherapy MA training courses for many years and I am a published writer myself.  I can help you achieve your goals and reduce the stress and emotional tension that make writing unpleasant and painful. Instead, your writing can become an exciting journey of discovery. I can help with all forms of writing, from formal reports and papers, coursework and dissertations to poetry, memoirs or fiction. I can also help you prepare your work for publication.

Services include

1:1 intensives to identify and work with what is getting in the way of your writing

Reading and responding to your drafts

1:1 sessions include homework and follow-up email.  It is possible to do this work distantly, wherever you are

The fees are designed to be affordable, and you can choose your own support package

1.5 hour consultation session  is £60

Reading and responding to your drafts and writings is charged at £40 an hour.