“I wanted to thank you for the help you have given me.

Without your support I am not sure how I would have got through the last year. Yet I now find myself looking forward with hope.

When V. died, life no longer made any sense. I was disorientated with shock and distraught with grief. I felt scared & ill equipped to help my kids with their own grief.

Our sessions have helped me to untangle many different emotions and issues- giving me courage,  confidence and perspective- not just to grieve, but to start to dismantle detrimental coping mechanisms in place since my childhood. I still am grieving. Nothing can alter that. But to my surprise I am also changing as a person. Against all the odds I have stacked against myself for many years, you have helped me to have faith that change is possible.

I feel it is your experience, wisdom and strength that have enabled me to make this progress. You have been caring and patient, yet strong and focussed. At times it would have been far easier to make me feel better about things by us simply sticking plasters over aspects of myself that I thought were immovable.

So yes I am feeling hope for the future and that is a lovely feeling because it is opening the doors to a richer life.

Thank you, Alyss”


“Alyss helped me through a very difficult time in my life when me and my family were going through some very challenging circumstances. I felt that my world had imploded, I was depressed, insecure, my world had been rocked and much of what I was and had achieved seemed no longer to make much sense.

I thought that my feelings of hopelessness and grief were overwhelming, that I would never be able to cope or get through this dark period in my life.

I knew that I needed help because I couldn’t seem to work my way out of these feelings, Alyss was recommended to me, so I contacted her, but wasn’t really sure what to expect.

During the initial sessions I found it very very hard to talk about myself, I had through my life found it much easier try and ignore my own feelings and my own needs, this was a strategy which I thought had worked brilliantly up until this point in my life, little did I realise that actually this was not a safe or positive way of managing my emotions.

Alyss gently but expertly helped me to explore and to understand how my childhood experiences had formulated who I was, she was able to guide me into thinking about why I was feeling so low and unable to cope and what reoccurring themes and behaviours had continued in my adult life to formulate how I coped with grief, stress and anxiety as an adult. I kept track of my progress, my feelings, how I coped through the use of a journal, and still do so now.

Alyss then helped me to develop strategies and tools to enable me to understand my emotions and use them in a more positive way, she showed me how important it was to care for and appreciate myself, explore my creativity and thus develop myself as a whole person.

I can’t thank Alyss enough for her guidance, care and compassion, she really has changed my life for the better.”


I first came to see Alyss 18 months ago. To say I was at “my wits end” is an understatement. I thought I was going mad. Having resisted any form of counselling for years, I knew that I had reached a point where I could no longer self-manage myself, and I needed help. I knew that the only way to get better was to understand why I was feeling so unhappy and why I worried so much about anything.  That was really important to me.

I could name the feelings, paranoia, worthlessness, never good enough, and above, all no self-acceptance and always feeling I had to prove myself. What I could not do was to stop the continuous cycle of being up and down emotionally. It was draining, and I felt very unhappy.

I chose Alyss after viewing a professional website listing qualified psychoanalysts in my area. I thought this type of therapy was best suited to my needs. I rang to make an appointment and had my first session a week later.

I did not know what to expect, I was just glad to be there. I attended weekly sessions for many months. During my sessions I have laughed, cried, and been bemused. Sometimes after a session I have felt drained and other times completely uplifted. Writing things down, “journaling” was an effective way of getting things from within – out.

I felt totally at ease with Alyss and have been able to be completely honest, even when to be honest felt like exposing my bare soul. I have shared stories from the present and the past in order to get a sense of who I am and to allow me to connect with and recognise feelings, reactions and behaviours. This has allowed me to consciously make changes to how I deal with what life throws at me, and moreover to rejoice in the good stuff.  I came to understand that a lot of the struggles I was having were actually my reaction to other people’s behaviours, but I could not recognise that at all. I took it all on myself and held onto it, analysed it to death and tormented myself.

Thankfully I am now in happier place. A place free, almost, from feeling such a lack of self-worth and undeserving. I have been able to create boundaries for myself, I am able to let things go. I have been able to break free from worry about what people think of me and to contain my thoughts and feelings and that gives me confidence and power.  I Have reconciled with past experiences that have formed part of the road to where I was, but in doing so have created a path to my future. Although life will always throw curve balls, I do think that I will now be able to manage them in a healthier way.