Find your way through Midlife E-Book



Midlife Crisis e-book from psychotherapist and coach Alyss Thomas
35 page illustrated A4 journal format – fill in on your computer, or print and write
Contents include
Self reflection tools
Detailed journalling prompts
Define your goals and values
Negotiate change with skill and vision
Re-calibrate and renew your sense of purpose!

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This book can be your companion through all of your journeys into the heartland of

your midlife. It’s a workout for your sense of empowerment.

Use the parts that are most relevant and helpful to you. Also pay extra attention to the

sections you would prefer to avoid. Take your time with each exercise, as the quality of

your attention to each aspect is the most important thing, rather than getting it all done.

Working through the materials and exercises may evoke feelings and raise questions

for you. You will need to decide whether you can work through this with the support of

a good friend, or whether you would benefit from professional coaching or therapeutic

coaching to move you along more swiftly– or therapy of there are issues from your

past that still trip you up that you have not yet attended to. This book is introductory

and does not cover everything about you in depth, but it is a catalyst. if you give it

sufficient time and focus you can gain a great deal from it, and the more you put into it,

the more it will be a journey that changes you.


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