• Writing Coaching

    Writing coaching and mentoring is £50 per hour; This includes meetings, reading and responding to your material, editing, copy editing, feedback and guidance, helping you with the combined emotional/cognitive/writing craft issues of your book, dissertation, etc You can opt for a one-off trial session, £50, then pay in advance in blocks of three or six hours £150/ £300
  • £70 per session for psychotherapy (60 minutes).

    You can pay here for your individual psychotherapy sessions, if you would like to pay on the site. 

    There comes a time in life when we all need the support and reflection of someone who is outside of our existing systems, but who is able to perceive clearly and directly some of the ways in which you are in advertently  tripping yourself up!

    Individual psychotherapy is an amazing resource and it is often what lies behind someone’s ability to not only cope but feel happy,  thrive and succeed even when life is challenging. You don’t have to put up with not feeling your best, being perpetually confused, depressed or anxious.

  • 1-Hour session You can pay here on the site for your supervision sessions or contact me for regular payment details I am a UKCP Registered Training Supervisor, with extensive experience and expertise in supervising senior and experienced psychotherapists, counsellors and students, and those in any related profession where you are impacted by the relationships with your clients or those you manage.   If you are looking for a senior supervisor, get in touch. I offer an integrative approach and I am trained in mindfulness, contemplative, psychodynamic and humanistic approaches to supervision, so that your sessions are both stimulating and enjoyable and help you access resources and recuperation! I can work across different models of supervision, such as when you are working outside or your  own personal issues affect your work -  and I can offer you much needed support and perspective in your work.
  • Coaching Session

    Coaching session are 60 minutes

    You can pay here for your coaching sessions, if you would like to pay on the site.

    I offer therapeutic coaching which is a blend of coaching with a therapeutic, evolutionary emphasis. This is where we take action, small consistent steps, towards reaching your personal, creative or professional goals. The action is based on a depth understanding of what really creates productive change, and the momentum for feeling increasingly better and more effective. It is very different to working with a life or business coach , as I bring a depth understanding of personality, spirituality, creativity and team dynamics. You can work on your business, your creative projects, your life, your relation ships, or any combination of these.

  • Couples Psychotherapy Session

    75 Minute Couples Psychotherapy Session

    You can pay here on the site for your couples sessions if you would like to. 

    If you have reached the stage of looking for a couples therapist, I encourage you not to delay if you want to save your relationship.  You can gain the necessary clarity, insight and communication skills to work together much more effectively and with deeper kindness and compassion towards one another. It is a huge step to agree to go to therapy together, and I will support each of you every step of the way.

  • Select this payment if this is your first session
    Please do not pay for an introductory session until after we have had a discussion and we have both decided to work together


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