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Find your way through 2019


Align yourself with well being and success this year and every year!

Journal for Success –  information, guidance and expert journal prompts to empower you:

– Set new year’s resolutions you can keep

– Stay on track with your goals and intentions

– Nudge yourself towards a positive and creative mindset

– Create the life you really want, this year and every year

Download this pdf for rich journal prompts to help you structure and organise your goals and intentions for 2019

Would you like some help in setting up a New Year journal for 2019?  Those who journal their ideas and plans find it much easier to succeed with new year’s resolutions and to stay on track throughout the year with what is really important to them.

2019 is a year to get things done, bring out your creative ideas, and launch those projects that have been waiting for you to find the right time. Use these detailed journalling processes to stabilise and support you to achieve all that is really important to you in the coming year.

Alyss Thomas MSc
Author of The Journal Writer’s Companion and Journal for Success


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