You’re invited to join us on this magical community-class to fill your winter and new year with wonder, excitement, support, creativity and inspiration.

These nourishing and uplifting sessions are led by Alyss Thomas, author of The Journal Writer’s Companion, and an experienced group facilitator

The atmosphere of these group sessions is warm, kind and inclusive, and you will take a deep dive into new creative journalling practices. These exercises and creative projects are life changing and take you beyond where you could go on your own. The techniques and approaches are original and unique and you will not have experienced them previously, combined with bullet journalling and some art journalling.

    • Align with your creativity and personal self expression
    • Writing from your soul
    • Support for your own life and creative projects if you wish to share them
    • Enjoy the sense of belonging and support from going though these times together in an intentional community
    • Work through any life challenges, blocks or difficulties in a supportive non-intrusive environment; you are invited to share, but there is no pressure to do so
    • Harness the power of bullet journalling to keep yourself on track
    • Curating your life

Work within the cycle of the current time, and the cycles of Nature, so you clarify and refine your intentions and focus for the end of 2022 and opening 2023. The group will support you through all the dark months until the beginning of Spring and send you out full of sparkling motivation!

Writing, collage, doodling and painting are all included, with emphasis on aligning with your inner writing voice; different members use the group in different ways, and you are invited to work in your own way and request what you need. You can use the material for personal, professional and creative development, and a CPD certificate can be provided on completion.

These groups have been running for several years, and many members return each time as they offer an enriching experience not to be found elsewhere, and at low cost.

“I have so loved this group and everything we did has opened up new possibilities for me I never knew were possible”

“I am so grateful – to have had all your generous support and guidance, and my confidence and my writing are in a completely different place”


“This has been life-changing for me, I loved it, I did not expect to enjoy it so much!”

When are the sessions?

15 sessions, including optional bonus creativity sessions
October 2022- March 2023

Wednesday nights 7.30-9.30pm UK time


5th October, 12th October, 19th October, 9th November, 16th November, 30th November, 14th December, 21st December, 11th January, 18th January, 25th January, 8th February, 13th February, 8th March, 15th March


The timing of the optional creativity sessions will be announced in the group


New members: £375.00 full cost paid by 2nd October

LOYALTY DISCOUNT: For students who have attended previous courses: £320.00 full cost paid upfront


Instalment option for previous students: £330.00 – six instalments of £55.00, due on the 2nd of the month, payment starts 2nd October


Instalments need to be paid by standing order and there is not an option to do this on the website. I will send you the information on request. The first instalment is due 2nd October


Please note the instalment option is not available if you have not worked with me before and we do not have any prior relationship.


Discounted fee for existing members who are attending and who are also bringing a friend or relative who pays the upfront course fee £300.00 (upfront payment only)


The fee includes attendance at all sessions via a personal Zoom link sent to you by email; participation in our private Facebook support group, Journalling for the Soul; one to one mentoring and support on request; access to course materials for your own private use


Please note that course fees are not refundable for any reason

Suggested materials you will need

You do not have to have these exact journals, but they are ideal – use what you have available

One large A4 dotted journal with page numbering, such as or similar

One dotted bullet journal with page numbering

(or an A5 journal suitable for bullet journalling)

One watercolour weight sketchbook, A4 or larger

Seawhite watercolour journals are recommended as good value, you can choose concertina, landscape or portrait formats; watercolour weight paper is necessary for glueing and wet media; this is a British brand, so order something equivalent from Michael’s in the US

A notebook or paper for taking rough notes during the sessions

An attractive small notebook (A5) suitable for curating a series of lists

    • Pens, pencils, markers, glue stick
    • A small stash of magazines, ephemera or old art to cut up for collage
    • Inks and paints, brushes and spatulas (optional)
    • Bamboo mixed media paper/ Japanese paper if you would like to make greetings cards from your work in the bonus creativity sessions

If you have questions about materials or about any aspect of the course, please ask your question in the contact form.

“I would recommend this course… doing this course has changed my life. I feel more able to step into the unknown with my creativity, knowing I have the support and acceptance of this like-minded group.”

“I have grown my creative flow throughout the past 4 years with Alyss. Each year a step further with more confidence, belief, inspiration and commitment to trust myself to grow my creativity gently, kindly and with a sprinkle of challenge! It feels magical and dreamy for me to have a clear voice and direction. And a commitment to write and illustrate my book this year finally freed to be real!”

“I am so grateful for your truth, encouragement and pearls!”