Five Fundamental Principles of Psychotherapy

  1. Each person has intrinsic value, and is worthy of love, respect and opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment.  Psychotherapy attempts to provide conditions where these opportunities can be developed.
  2. The pursuit of authentic personal wisdom alongside psychological, emotional and spiritual freedom require self knowledge and insight. Psychotherapy provides a special situation wherein these qualities can be fostered and developed.
  3. Psychotherapy is mindfulness in action –  a mindful enquiry into your own states of mind and being –  that is both rigorous, dynamic and peaceful.
  4. Your past, including both your personal past and the history of your family and culture,  does not have to determine your future, but if you do not have a method with which to apprehend it, you will continue to be driven, at times, by aspects of yourself that you do not fully understand.
  5. Social change can be effected by individuals who become harmonious and balanced in their own lives  – and who do not create chaos and conflict.