Booking a session as a new client

Before we start working together, we need to have a phone conversation, so we can both decide whether it will be best for you to go ahead.  Please fill in your details below and in your email message box or when you text me, please let me know how and when you would like me to contact you. I can usually speak with you very soon, and arrange a first session within days.I have sessions available throughout the working week.

Location: Plymouth, Devon, UK
Phone: 01752 519 692, 07825 284 160

Existing clients

Fees, Terms and Conditions
Whenever possible, I will offer you a regular weekly session at the same time each week as consistency is an important facet of psychotherapy.  Near the beginning of our work I will conduct an assessment which will consist of gathering information. Fees are payable either in advance or at the end of each session, following the first session. You can pay with cash, cheque, PayPal, bank transfer or a standing order. If you choose to pay by cheque I ask you to pay for several sessions in one cheque. Fees are £67 (individual session, one hour), £80 couples session (one hour & fifteen minutes). All missed sessions are chargeable once they have been booked; I require seven days’ notice to re-arrange a session because you find you cannot make our agreed time, otherwise the missed session is charged for. If you need to change the time of a session I will do my utmost to accommodate you.  Please let me know well in advance about any sessions you will need to miss. If you wish to discuss any aspect of our work together, please feel free to ask me.  I am always happy to discuss my approach and my thoughts. Sometimes you might experience difficult or uncomfortable feelings during psychotherapy.  If this happens, please do not feel discouraged, but discuss it with me.  Psychotherapy takes time, and requires an investment of time, energy and commitment from both of us. Any difficulties that arise are worked with as part of the process. When you decide to leave therapy – and this is always your choice – it is normal practice to spend a few sessions, depending on how long we have worked together, reviewing and paying attention to the ending process.  Thus when you decide to leave, of you wish to change the frequency of our sessions, or you intend to take a break, please discuss this with me in advance so that material arising from this can be fully processed. All my work is strictly confidential according to the usual practice of the psychotherapy profession. Your personal information is not revealed to a third party without your express written permission.  I keep your data for the time that we are working together, in a secure location, after which time it is securely destroyed. I do not keep information about you on a computer, and delete any emails as soon as possible. The usual frequency of psychotherapy sessions is once weekly, preferably at the same time each week when possible. Face to face sessions are preferable, however I also conduct sessions via audio-visual conferencing and by phone for people who are unable to travel to Plymouth.
Data Privacy Form
Click to download the Data Privacy Form – I will ask you to sign this form when we begin working together.