Psychotherapy Is…

A human relationship that offers you feedback, insight and guidance. You receive in-depth support and reflections about many aspects of yourself and your life, such as

  •     Your personality and style of relating
  •     How to understand your life issues in a creative and dynamic way
  •     How to get unstuck when you seem to keep repeating an old way of doing your life
  •     How to develop a constructive approach to problem solving based on positive psychology
  •     How to use mindfulness skills to stay present in the midst of stress and confusion
  •     How symptoms you may experience – for example depression or low confidence – are key to understanding how you can begin to feel better
  •     How the past is still driving your behaviour even when you think you’ve forgotten about it
  •     How your fears are holding you back from being fully yourself
  •     How to manage difficult or painful emotions
  •     How to understand what is happening in your relationships

Psychotherapy is a unique situation, as it is a close relationship with a purpose, and it does not ever become a social friendship.  There is confidentiality, and a full code of ethics and practice that the practitioner is accountable to.

There are times in life when we can’t see the obvious about ourselves, and the clarity and support offered by deep and informed listening will take you much further and faster than you can go on your own.